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It takes less than a second to change the situation of the people as the happy moment can turn into the worse without any warnings. People would not come to know whether they are living in the right condition or heading towards the most critical situation. Health is one such example, but if talking about human action, then it would primarily be the finances. A wrong decision in the business or any personal financial issue would slowly destroy the person. The result would be harmful and can come at any time, which can often lead to bankruptcy law offices. It is important to take help from a San Diego bankruptcy attorney to overcome this difficult situation.

Bankruptcy chapter 13 is nothing to feel ashamed of and does not discuss the same with anyone around. It is not always your mistake that you land in such a situation, but some circumstances and wrong decisions of the person contribute to the same. In the past, it was style challenging to come out from the top bankruptcy, but today there are many in the industry who resolves such IRS tax issues and protect the person from the practice of the financial problem. You can go to BLC Law Center, one of the most rated bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego.

Know about categories and sub-topics

If we talk in legal terms, then not every case is the same. The situation might be different or the way handling would many for the same legal issue. Similarly, bankruptcy has two relevant categories, further divided into various chapters.

bankruptcy attorney near me

What is there in Personal?

  • The most common response to the problem that people face is personal bankruptcy, and it is difficult to resolve the same.
  • The chapters included under personal bankruptcy are chapters 7 and 13. Both of them have different features.

Organization and Agricultural

  • It is not so common because in both cases, the person might get help from several people, and they can resolve the issues.
  • The chapters included in this category are chapters 11 and 12. Features are different but easy to handle only by the best bankruptcy attorney near me professionals.

As already mentioned, Recaptcha top-rated bankruptcy is the most common issue because some decision at the individual level brings such situations before the person. In this scenario, the person has to fight his battle because no other third party includes the same. There is a creditor, and the debtors and the fight are between them. The two chapters of the personal bankruptcy where you need are the following:

Chapter 7

  • Under this category, the person who is suffering is null, which means he has little or no money left for repayment.
  • The chapter is a one-time loan payment option with the help of the assets of the person.
  • It would take around eight to nine months to repay the entire amount.
  • If the person becomes a defaulter under such a situation, then it would affect the credit score.
  • According to people, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is preferable as it removes the entire debt at once.

Chapter 13

  • Under this category, the person has a source of income but not enough to repay all the debts.
  • It takes time to repay the amount under this category, which can be a minimum of three years.
  • People consider it as the life chapter 13 bankruptcy because it might take the entire life to repay the amount.
  • If the person becomes the defaulter in this scenario, then the entire case goes into chapter 13.

Filing for the bankruptcy chapters

People often think that if they are facing bankruptcy, then they can file the case in court with the help of chapter 7 attorney San Diego and resolve the problems. It is not so easy to do as they hear the same. There many key considerations in filing bankruptcy chapter 7 which the person has to keep in mind before taking any action for their benefits. If they do not follow the same, then the situation might be more stressful as the person might fall into many more issues.

Be updated about all the latest amendments

Not so standard, but chapter 13 is the critical section of personal bankruptcy. People do not prefer this chapter over chapter 7 because the latter removes the burden of the debts at once in the minimum times. We all know that everything comes with positive and negative sides, and similar is the case with chapter 13 bankruptcy in California.

You should be aware of the same, and they are the followings:

  • People consider it as wage earner bankruptcy because only those people qualify for this chapter who has a mode of regular income.
  • It is known as reorganization bankruptcy because the person under the debts gets an opportunity to restructure the entire debt with the help of an attorney.
  • The filers get an option to prepare debt repayment plans which include the schedule to pay off the credits in three to five years.
  • The repayment amount under chapter 13 depends upon the monthly income of the person, total money owed, and length of time to repay the amount.

bankruptcy lawyer San Diego

Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers

Though chapter 7 is the easy option for everyone as it resolves the issue with the complete payment, still many people prefer chapter 13 to file bankruptcy cases.

The borrowers who wish to pay the debt entirely without keeping in stake the valuable possession then file chapter 13 under bankruptcy. They would need time to repay the amount, but it will be with the income of the individual. It is like home and vehicle exemptions in a California bankruptcy.

Some disadvantages of filing chapter 13 are the following:

  • You need to develop a strict budget for the coming three to five years or until your payment plan comes on track. You can think to increase the budget once your income increases. It is a legal obligation.
  • You need to get the court’s permission is planning to assume current liabilities. If you tend to fail to make a payment, you lose bankruptcy protection.

It is a challenging task

It is challenging to survive bankruptcy chapter 13, but you can get through the same without any effort with the help of the bankruptcy attorney from BLC Law Center. We are a renowned name in the industry and can handle all legal issues with the utmost care.

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